Display Screen Equipment Awareness

Display Screen Equipment Awareness

Display Screen Equipment Awareness

Recognizing the Fundamentals of Display Screen Equipment (DSE)
You will learn about Display Screen Equipment  and its function in contemporary workplaces in this module. Find out about the many kinds of DSE, such as keyboards, mouse, and displays. Recognize how crucial DSE awareness is to your productivity and well-being.

Simplified Ergonomics
Learn ergonomic concepts that enhance user comfort and productivity when utilizing DSE. To avoid pain and strain, educate yourself on appropriate posture, chair adjustments, and workstation layout. The significance of ergonomics in DSE awareness is emphasized in this subject.

Essentials of Eye Care
Examine useful advice for keeping your vision in good condition while using DSE. Discover how to lessen eye strain and tiredness with regular breaks and appropriate screen placement. Make eye care a priority in your everyday routine to increase your awareness of DSE.

Taking Control of Screen Time
Make sure you are aware of the significance of controlling your screen time for your overall health. This session discusses methods for achieving a healthy balance between the usage of DSE and other activities and breaks. In order to achieve optimal health and productivity, it is important to develop a conscious approach to managing screen usage.

Developing an Environment That Is Friendly to DSE
A DSE-friendly environment can be created at home or in the workplace; learn how to make it happen. Learn how to make straightforward adjustments to the lighting, furniture, and screen settings in order to improve your level of comfort and productivity. The cultivation of a favourable atmosphere for DSE can be accomplished by equipping yourself with practical information.


  1. Brief Description of Display Screen Equipment Awareness

    Display Screen Equipment Awareness training focuses on educating individuals about the proper setup and usage of computer workstations to reduce ergonomic risks and enhance overall comfort and productivity.
  2. Module 1: Introduction

    The course is for companies that employ DSE users or somebody who uses display screen technology frequently at work. An employee who uses display screen technology for more than an hour a day is a user.
  3. Module 2: Legislation

    The 1992 health and safety display screen equipment regulations and 2002 modifications include DSE safety directives. Employee users and employers have legal obligations.
  4. Module 3: Protecting Your Body

    For DSE use at work, this module covers body protection. Not following instructions. When using DSES can harm your health. Overuse or incorrect DSE usage can cause weariness, eye strain, upper limb difficulties, and backache.
  5. Module 4: Adjusting Your Chair

    If you use DSE for more than an hour at work, you're probably sitting down. Chairs differ in design, so when making workplace improvements, start there.
  6. Module 5: Adjusting Your Screen

    Now that we're comfortable, let's view your screen. Consider the screen's physical position first. It needs a solid horizontal work surface. Glare from or on the screen must be minimized.
  7. Module 6: Work Arrangements

    After creating a safe and comfortable workplace, assess your work arrangements. We focus more on schedules, habits, and patterns than actual space when considering work arrangements.
  8. Module 7: Adjusting the Layout of Your Workstation

    Comfort is important when sitting at your desk, your arms, wrists, hands, and forearms should be horizontal and your eyes should be at screen height. Make room for your documents and other items.
  9. Module 8: Adjusting Your Work Environment

    We've seen how crucial good chair, work table, screen, and input device setup is for posture. Beyond the physical environment to the DSE technology itself, we've learned how important it is to clean and maintain screens,
  10. Module 9: Final Assessment

    The remaining modules in this course are for individuals who want to perform professional DSE risk assessments in their daily work.

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