Diabetes Awareness

Diabetes Awareness

Diabetes Awareness

Comprehending and Handling Diabetes

Welcome to our  course, which aims to provide you a basic understanding of the disease while also covering a wide range of topics. Let's start from the beginning and discover how to effectively treat this illness.

Definition of Diabetes.

We'll examine the foundations in this module. You'll comprehend how the body uses insulin and glucose, and how it interferes with this process. Learn about the symptoms of the many forms of diabetes.

Getting to Know Your Blood Sugar Levels

Find out why blood sugar levels are so important for managing it. Learn how to analyse and monitor blood sugar readings, as well as the importance of preserving stable levels. Arm yourself with useful advice for efficient blood sugar control.

Diabetes-Related Healthy Eating

Examine how diet affects the management of diabetes. Simple instructions for preparing nutritious meals and snacks that support blood sugar regulation are included in this session. Discover how to choose foods that are healthier without compromising flavour.

Exercise and  Management

Learn about the advantages of consistent exercise for diabetics. Find out how exercise can raise insulin sensitivity, decrease blood sugar, and improve general health. All fitness levels can benefit from the basic yet efficient exercises in this session.

Managing Diabetes in Everyday Life

We'll talk about doable tactics in this last module for incorporating diabetes care into your everyday activities. You'll discover how to handle daily obstacles while preserving your best health, from medication management to stress-reduction methods.


  1. Brief Description of Diabetes Awareness

    This course is aimed for those who desire to gain a complete knowledge of what diabetes is, how it is managed, and what are the causes? It includes Local authority staff and other local authority partner organizations, health staff, educational staff, carers, parents, and professional organizations.
  2. Module 1: What are Diabetes and its Prevalence?

    On a daily basis, managing diabetes often brings undesirable challenges for majority of suffers. Having to keep on top of their blood glucose levels, insulin injections or medication into their daily routines, maintain a suitable, healthy diet, and keep physically active to ward off long-term difficulties are just a few of the to say the least.
  3. Module 2: Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment

    The most common symptoms of type 1 diabetes, we call the 4 T’s. Once diabetes is doubted the most common method of diagnosis is urine tests. The urine samples are confirmed for glucose. However, urine doesn't usually contain glucose; it can be found to have flooded through the kidneys into the urine.
  4. Module 3: Diabetes Complications

    With diabetes, there are four main complications including cardiovascular disease, retinopathy (eye disease), neuropathy (nerve disease), and nephropathy (kidney disease).

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