NVQ Unit – Erecting and Dismantling Working Platforms

NVQ Unit – Erecting and Dismantling Working Platforms

NVQ Unit – Erecting and Dismantling Working Platforms

Fundamentals of Operational Working  Platforms

Throughout the course of this session, we will analyze the fundamental components that make up functional working platforms. Learn the information and acquire the skills that are required to put together and take apart these complex structures. We are going to take you through each step of the process, simplifying the complicated process so that you can comprehend it yourself.

Prioritizing safety - Operating safely

Get familiar with the most important safety measures that should be taken when utilizing platforms. This class places an emphasis on working securely, including topics such as correctly utilizing equipment and knowing load constraints. We will make sure that your safety is our top priority as we work through the various operational aspects of building and disassembling platforms.

Practical Methods for Operating Working Platforms

Learn practical methods for setting up and taking down work platforms. This session takes a direct approach to make sure you have the knowledge and self-assurance needed to complete these duties in a real-world job setting.

Coordination of Teams in Operational Situations

Tasks pertaining to platforms often require teamwork. Develop efficient collaboration and communication skills to increase productivity and workplace safety. This module places a strong emphasis on working together when building and taking down platforms.

Resolving Issues in Professional Settings

Experience real-world situations and pick up problem-solving techniques tailored to platform use. This module gives you the tools to solve problems and get past obstacles, which will improve your productivity in a variety of scenarios where you have to set up and take down platforms.


  1. Brief Description of NVQ Unit - Erecting and Dismantling Working Platforms

    The NVQ Unit "Erecting and Dismantling Working Platforms" is a training module designed to assess an individual's competence in safely and effectively assembling and disassembling working platforms, such as scaffolding, within a specific workplace context.
  2. Module 1: Complying With Information and Legislation

    Welcome to module one, which covers the types and sources of information you'll encounter. You'll also learn how specifications, current legislation, method statements, risk assessment, and manufacturer information affect its interpretation.
  3. Module 2: Fixed Scaffolding

    In module two, we discuss the challenges of installing and removing fixed scaffolding systems, which are temporary metal interlocking systems used for construction work. These systems must be 6 feet above ground and must be protected by workers, others, and the public.
  4. Module 3: Fixed Scaffolding - Assembly and Dismantling

    Welcome to module three, where we'll discuss critical factors in assembling and dismantling fixed scaffolding foundations. Scaffold foundations must be designed and built to carry and distribute the full weight of the scaffold, including the dead load, live loads, materials, equipment, and people.
  5. Module 4: Mobile Access Towers and MEWPs

    Module four focuses on building and dismantling mobile access towers and mobile elevating work platforms. These structures help workers at height avoid falling and are easy to assemble and dismantle if safety guidelines are followed.
  6. Module 5: Safe Working Practices

    Welcome to module 5 This subject covers safe working methods, resource selection, and reducing the risk of injury to coworkers and the community. Start with safe work habits. Everyone building and disassembling access and working platforms must wear PPE.

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