CDM Awareness

CDM Awareness

CDM Awareness

Overview of CDM Awareness

Welcome to our CDM Awareness course, which simplifies Construction Design and Management. This primer explains CDM's fundamentals. We strive to explain CDM duties, responsibilities, and important principles in this course. We'll discuss risk management and health and safety compliance to help you understand. This training will provide you the skills to confidently manage construction projects. Join us to raise CDM awareness and improve construction safety and efficiency.

Accountabilities and Duties

For project management to be effective, it is essential to know who is responsible for what in CDM. The functions and duties of different parties, including clients, designers, contractors, and employees, are described in this module. Learn how each position fits into the overall scheme of keeping things safe and compliant.

CDM's Risk Management

At its core is risk management, which is CDM. Discover how to recognise, evaluate, and manage risks at every stage of the project's lifespan. We'll look at doable tactics for reducing risks and encouraging a secure workplace.

Following health and safety rules

In building, following health and safety rules is not an option. This module breaks down important laws and standards in the business. Learn about the best ways to make sure that rules are followed and to encourage a safety attitude on the job site.

How to Communicate and Work Together Well

To successfully execute the CDM, people must be able to talk to each other and work together. Find out how to help project partners talk to each other more effectively. To improve project results, learn how to make it easier for people to work together and coordinate.


  1. Brief Description of CDM Awareness

    This awareness training goes over the fundamental principles behind the legislation, as well as the numerous roles and responsibilities that must be filled for a building project, as well as the essential paperwork that must be generated.
  2. Module 1: Legislation

    This course covers construction design and management requirements also called CDM 2015. We'll describe the CDM revisions' goals, scope, and application to the 2007 version and duty bearers' obligations.
  3. Module 2: CDM Application and Notification

    In this module we must distinguish between CDM and HSE project notification. Let's start with CDM application as it applies to building, civil engineering, and engineering construction.
  4. Module 3: Duty Holders and Documents

    In module 3 we will discuss key CDM duty bearers with legal responsibilities will be examined. Five duty holders comprise CDM. Client, principal designer, designer, principal contractor, and contractor.
  5. Module 4: Duties and Legal Documents

    We'll discuss each duty holder's duties and legal paperwork in this session. First, we'll evaluate previous module tasks. Clients arranged procurement. They strongly affect project culture and standards.
  6. Module 5: Example Projects and Summary

    Introduction to module five example projects and summary. We'll look at five sample projects to see how some of this course's concepts apply to them. We'll cover duty holders' notifiability and project documentation.

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