The L3 Emergency First Aid at Work (EFAW) course is designed for individuals who believe a comprehensive 3-day First Aid at Work course is not necessary and prefer to focus solely on essential skills.


First Aid in the Workplace is of utmost importance, serving as an invaluable life skill for individuals and teams alike. While the provision of adequate First Aid at Work cover is a legal obligation, employers are not obliged to ensure every staff member is fully qualified. Nevertheless, in many businesses, it is prudent to ensure that every team member possesses at least a basic understanding of emergency First Aid.

The Emergency First Aid at Work (EFAW) course caters to individuals who feel a full 3-day First Aid at Work course is unnecessary.


Assessment involves practical exercises and a straightforward multiple-choice paper, requiring candidates to pass both elements for qualification.

Candidates must be capable of performing exercises at floor level when necessary. Effective communication with Emergency Services is crucial, although not formally assessed; instructors must be satisfied with candidates’ proficiency. All question papers are in English, and a reader will be provided for candidates with literacy concerns or learning difficulties.


The EFAW course entails 6 hours of instruction, which can be delivered in one day, two half-days, or evening sessions. Split courses may incur an additional charge, and any breaks taken are separate from the 6-hour requirement. It’s essential to complete the course within 3 weeks of the start date.


We allocate a maximum of 12 people per trainer, with larger groups accommodated by additional trainers.



Upon qualification, the certificate remains valid for 3 years, after which candidates must attend a one-day EFAW course for requalification. HSE recommends an annual 3-hour refresher course for all first aiders to keep their skills current.


At your premisesCost per day
1-6 delegates£495.00
1-12 delegates£580.00
1-24 delegates£925.00

Course Contents

We gladly customize our training to align with your specific requirements, considering the parameters outlined in the EFAW syllabus. The courses encompass:

  • The role of the first aider
  • Emergency life-saving procedure
  • Blood loss and wounds
  • Trauma
  • Medical emergencies