Problem Solving in a Workplace

Problem Solving in a Workplace

Problem Solving in a Workplace

Recognizing Workplace Difficulties

We'll break down typical workplace problems in this module. Acknowledge difficulties that range from breaks in communication to interruptions in workflow. Effective problem solving at work starts with understanding the issues.

Group Cooperation

Examine the effectiveness of teamwork in resolving problems at work. Learn easy-to-use yet powerful teamwork and communication tactics that promote a happy workplace. Developing a strong sense of teamwork is essential to tackling problems at work.

Capabilities for Making Decisions

The goal of this module is to improve your ability to make decisions. Acquire the knowledge necessary to make decisions that promote harmony at work. We'll discuss useful methods for making decisions that reduce conflict and foster a positive work environment.

Techniques for Resolving Conflicts

Explore tried-and-true methods for settling disputes at work. This session gives you the skills you need to handle conflict by teaching you how to compromise and engage in active listening. Having these abilities is essential to preserving a positive work atmosphere.

Identifying and Resolving Harassment at Workplace

This program addresses a delicate but important topic: how to identify and deal with workplace harassment. Recognise the significance of establishing a courteous and safe work environment. Discover the actions that must be taken to report and deal with harassment in order to promote a positive work environment.


  1. Brief Description of Problem Solving in a Workplace

    The "Problem Solving in a Workplace" course is designed to develop participants' skills in identifying, analyzing, and resolving issues within a professional setting. Participants learn systematic approaches to problem-solving, including defining problems, gathering relevant information, generating solutions, and implementing effective resolutions.
  2. Module 1: Introduction and People Problems

    This online course focuses on problem-solving in the workplace, emphasizing the importance of being aware of potential issues and how to address them. Employees may create problems by not following company rules or performing their job correctly.
  3. Module 2: Problems With Tasks

    This module discusses workplace tasks and their potential issues. Task conflict arises when employees disagree on company policies or performance. This can lead to productivity issues and disagreements, but can also increase openness to new ideas when handled correctly.
  4. Module 3: Successful Resolutions

    In module three, the focus is on resolving workplace problems with minimal effort and support. The nature of the problem determines the best sources of help, such as managers or supervisors, who are responsible for ensuring health safety and welfare.

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