Learning Disability Awareness

Learning Disability Awareness

Learning Disability Awareness

What are Learning Disabilities?

We will examine the fundamentals of learning disability in this module. Find more about the various kinds of learning difficulties and the effects they may have on people. Creating an environment that is inclusive requires first having a thorough understanding of learning difficulties.

Identifying Learning Disability Symptoms and Signs

Learn about the typical symptoms and indicators of learning impairments. You can better support and accommodate people with learning difficulties if you are aware of these signs. Fostering empathy and understanding requires awareness.

Having an understanding of one's own special needs

The characteristics of each person who has a learning disability are unique. This training emphasises how important it is to understand the requirements of each individual and provide support that is tailored to their specific needs. Learn how to create an environment that is hospitable and conducive to learning for individuals with a variety of learning styles.

Alternative Methods of Helping

Examine effective strategies that can be used to assist those who have difficulties learning. You should look for options that can aid boost learning and involvement, such as classroom changes and assistive technologies. Acquiring knowledge will make it possible for you to have a beneficial influence on the lives of other people.

Encouraging Empathy and Inclusion

Beyond accommodations, inclusion is about fostering an environment of understanding and acceptance. The topics of inclusion in the workplace, in communities, and in schools are covered in this module. We can build a more accepting society that benefits all people by promoting understanding and acceptance.


  1. Brief Description of Learning Disability Awareness

    This online Learning Disability Awareness training course has been carefully designed so that the learner can gain a greater understanding of learning disabilities, and the issues that surround those who have them and live with those who have them. This course aims to improve caregivers’ awareness of learning disabilities.
  2. Module 1: The Course Structure

    In this module, we are going to learn about learning disability. This course will also provide a general idea of many different patterns of learning disability affect people. We will also go through the causes of learning disability, characteristics in people with learning disabilities and variations in learning disability from mild to profound.
  3. Module 2: Learning Disabilities: The Basics

    In this module, we will start by defining the learning disability. However, they are acquired are lifelong. They are neurological disabilities and as such affect how an individual understands and memorize information, how they learn and communicate.
  4. Module 3: New Understanding

    In this module, learning disabilities were assessed through intellectual impairment. An IQ of 50 to 70 was regarded as the Mild Learning Disability. 35 to 50 were categorized as Moderate Learning Disability. Individual with an IQ range between 20 and 35 were considered to have a Severe Learning Disability.
  5. Module 4: Person-centered Approach

    In this module, individual with learning disabilities are regarded as unique individuals. Each of them has a different personality, life history and experience. By adopting a person-centered approach; you can help to build on the individual’s skill and abilities, and the condition can become more positive.
  6. Module 5: Meeting Needs Part 1

    In this module, we are going to learn about how the problems associated with learning disability can be addressed. Let’s start with the management of care facilities. Management by management, we mean the multidisciplinary physical and emotional support for people with learning disabilities, their carers and their families.
  7. Module 6: Meeting Needs Part 2

    In this module, we will look at some more ways to meet the needs of people with learning disabilities. As a carer, you should be trained to manage every day. Physical needs: Some people despite having multiple learning disabilities are fully mobile. Several may use a wheelchair.
  8. Module 7: Meeting Needs Part 3

    This module covers meeting needs (part 3). Lack of a supportive social network and the stigma attached with learning disabilities may lead to an individual avoiding contacting a variety of specialized health services.
  9. Module 8: Legal Framework, Opportunities & Safeguarding

    As the module heading indicates that it covers the legal framework along with opportunities and safeguarding. First, start through the legal framework in which you as a carer can provide support to an individual with learning disabilities find the right balance between opportunities and safeguarding their interests, legal framework, policy and guidelines.

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