Duty of Care

Duty of Care

Duty of Care

Overview of the Duty of Care

We'll explain the idea in this module. You will discover what constitutes duty of care and why it is necessary in a variety of contexts. Comprehending this fundamental idea paves the way for acting responsibly.

Acknowledging Accountabilities

Examine the duties associated . Learn how everyone contributes to protecting the safety and well-being of others in situations ranging from healthcare to daily encounters. The emphasis of this lesson is on the role that accountability plays in carrying out our duty of care.

Actual Instances of Implementation

For the purpose of putting the responsibility of care into reality in everyday situations, you can learn some helpful recommendations. Acquire the knowledge and abilities required to examine potential dangers, make intelligent choices, and prioritise safety measures. Through participation in this workshop, you will acquire the skills necessary to deal with problems and fulfil your responsibility of care.

The Process of Developing Trust and Confidence

Discover the ways in which fulfilling your duty of care creates an atmosphere of trust and confidence. An investigation into the ways in which trustworthy care influences relationships, organisations, and communities is required. The purpose of this session is to highlight the cascading effect that can be caused by responsible behaviour.

Honesty and moral obligation

Investigate the ethical repercussions that the responsibility of care has. In order to fulfil your duty of care, you must acknowledge the intersection of morals, values, and legal responsibilities. The purpose of this lesson is to encourage introspection and analysis in order to align actions with ethical values.


  1. Brief Description of Duty of Care

    This training course “Duty of care” has been particularly designed to provide managers and employers with an understanding of duty of care best practice in the workplace. It might also be useful for that audience of people who are eager to get knowledge about duty of care in the workplace.
  2. Module 1: The Course Structure

    In module one, we will be guided through the key topics that will be discussed in each module.
  3. Module 2: The Consequences of Duty of Care

    In module two, we will learn about the implications of duty of care in the workplace and the legal obligations of managers and employers.
  4. Module 3: How Duty of Care Affects Your Work

    In module three, we will explore the different ways in which having duty of care responsibilities affects your own work role.
  5. Module 4: Duty of Care Dilemmas

    In module four, we will explore some common duty of care dilemmas in the workplace and how to overcome them.
  6. Module 5: Resolving Dilemmas “support and advice”

    In module five, we will learn how to resolve dilemmas regarding duty of care, taking a look at key techniques for providing support and advice.
  7. Module 6: How to Respond to Complaints

    In module six, we will gain the fundamental skills to handle complaints effectively and professionally.

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