Children and Young People’s Mental Health

Children and Young People’s Mental Health

Children and Young People’s Mental Health

An Overview of Children and Young People's Mental Health

During this lesson, we will present the concept of mental health for young people. The common problems that children and adolescents face, such as stress, anxiety, and depression, will be discussed in this session. In order to provide support that is appropriate, it is necessary to have a solid understanding of these issues.

Identifying Symptoms and Signs of Young People's Mental Health

Acquire the ability to identify warning signs and symptoms of mental illness in youth. This lesson gives you the skills to recognise behavioural changes and mood swings that may indicate a kid or adolescent is having difficulties. Intervention success depends on early detection.

Support Networks and Coping Mechanisms

Learn coping mechanisms and networks of support that can assist youth in taking care of their mental health. This session highlights the value of developing resilience and connecting with the right support networks, from self-care techniques to getting professional assistance.

Taking Care of Stigma and Advancing Understanding

Examine the effects of stigma on the mental health of youth and discover ways to counteract it. This lesson emphasises how crucial it is to provide a caring and understanding atmosphere where young people feel at ease asking for assistance and discussing their difficulties.

Building Resilience and Promoting Well-Being

Learn practical strategies for promoting youth resilience and well-being. This programme prepares you to help young people acquire the skills they need for mental and emotional well-being by encouraging the development of good habits and strong relationships.


  1. Brief Description of Children and Young People's Mental Health

    This course focuses on the emotional well-being and mental health of individuals in their formative years. It addresses various challenges, provides support, and promotes healthy development during childhood and adolescence.
  2. Module 1: Introduction

    Introduction to module one. Welcome to our online child and youth mental health course. This course will explain some of the mental health disorders children and teens can have.
  3. Module 2: Mental Illnesses in Children and Young Adults: Part 1

    In the first of three sessions we will examine common mental diseases in children and young people and how to identify them. We'll also briefly describe therapies.
  4. Module 3: Mental Illnesses in Children and Young Adults: Part 2

    Mental disease in children and young adults, module three. Part two, where we'll cover more frequent mental diseases in children and young people.
  5. Module 4: Mental illnesses in children and young adults: Part 3

    This third part covers more childhood and young adults mental diseases. Let's begin this module with learning disabilities.
  6. Module 5: Signs of Mental Illness in Children and Young People

    In Module five we'll cover a number of topics, including indications that may indicate a kid or young person has a mental illness, its causes, and what to do.
  7. Module 6: Diagnosis and treatments

    Module six is about diagnosing and treating mental health issues in children and young people. The symptoms, manifestations, and impact of mental health issues on children and youth determine diagnosis and therapy.
  8. Module 7: Prognoses and outcomes

    Module seven covers prognosis, the likely cause and outcome of mental illness in children and youth. Children and teens with mental health concerns may do worse in school.
  9. Module 8: Support

    This module provides advice on talking to kids about mental health. When you have concerns about a child or young person's mental health, consult their family

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